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As the VP of operations of our bank, I have a deep understanding and long history in managing bank printing and marketing material.  For most of my career I spent hours per week communicating with vendors and staff about print, marketing and promotional material. We were using many different vendors for these products and I would email back and forth with vendors multiple times on pricing, design, ordering and delivery status.  Added to these tasks was the constant checking of product stock levels in our stock rooms and branches and making sure we had enough product for everything from ATM roles and deposit slips to bank brochures, apparel, mugs and other promotional items. Even with the help of my staff and our VP of Marketing, I spent a disproportionate amount of time managing this part of my responsibilities.  We did it for so long because we did not have a solution and managed the best we could. 


A friend at another bank referred me to Steve and Jeff and the Specialty team.  About two week after our meeting, my work life of 25 years changed immediately. I consolidated all of the vendors I was using to one vendor.  Rather than working with many catalogs and websites, all of our items were loaded on our branded store. We moved our products from multiple storerooms and branches to the Specialty warehouse system, using their order on demand model.  I took control of the order and distribution process and could manage all of this in about an hour or less per week. Through the Specialty system, I set branch budgets, created automatic order authorizations and started receiving regular usage and inventory reports.  Now, the Specialty team and their system helps me plan product order schedules and evaluate products we should keep or discard. From product design and pricing to usage, we have changed how and what we order and saved so much money for the bank that I did not realize was possible previously.  

We are a better bank because of our relationship with the Specialty company.   Great partnerships like this make change really easy, once there is an understanding of what is possible.  The vision, strategy, service and technology that Specialty brought to us has been life changing for our bank.


VP of Operations Community Bank

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